My Achy Breaky Heart

Alan Smyth —  July 13, 2015 — 9 Comments

Last year, just about everyone saw or at least heard about the VMA’s. There was a particular performance by a certain young Disney Star that has caused quite a stir. You could call it a backlash and outrage by many. Miley Cyrus gave a disturbing performance at the Video Music Awards in Prime Time TV. This 20 year old child star danced in an extremely suggestive and sexual manner in front of the world. It was borderline pornographic at times.

I have seen a few responses. Many of which are pointed to Miley herself. How could she do this? Why would she do this? Wasn’t she a “Disney” star a short time ago? I read something ripping on the 36 year old male counterpart who simulated sexual encounters with Miley on stage. Why and how could he do that? These are all good questions. Both parties have a lot of explaining to do.


When I saw the performance, my heart sank. I don’t sit in judgment against Miley. I sit in sadness. I see a 20 year old child carrying on like someone completely lost and confused as to what her true value and real worth is. She is disrespecting herself and treating herself like the Hip Hop/Rap singers would portray her to be.  I am not excusing her from her actions. I just know that growing up a child star in an oversexualized culture brings with it pressures and issues that I can’t imagine. So I am not piling on Miley. I see her as just a scared lonely little girl who has more resources than most scared, lonely little girls.

However, I do have some honest questions for Billy Ray, her Dad. I am extremely curious as to her father’s response. I wonder if he is as horrified as the rest of us? I wonder if he is saddened by his daughter’s choices and the apparent bad advice she has been getting. I wonder if he has tried to pull her off the dangerous trajectory she is on? OR…. I wonder if he is complicit in his daughter’s actions of late. I wonder if he is applauding and encouraging over what he sees. My heart sinks at what I have seen.

My natural instinct is to protect my daughter. My default setting is to step in and rescue her if possible and reasonable. I’m sorry, but if a 36 year old married man came up behind my 20 year old daughter simulating sex acts…… Let’s just say the next picture you would see is my mug shot on the 6:00 pm news. I would certainly respond in a way that would land me in jail. Where are you Billy Ray? I would have expected you to leap from your seat and tackle that pig on stage to get him off your daughter. You don’t owe me any kind of response or explanation.  You owe it to your sweet daughter whom you have a responsibility to guide, direct and protect.


Billy Ray, I hope you get some quiet time soon with your little girl before its way too late. I hope you can let her know that she is a precious daughter of the King. That she is a princess and should be treated as such. I hope you can tell her that she is more valuable that silver and more costly than gold. While you’re at it Billy Ray, let her know that she should not give anyone the time of day who does not also believe that and treat her that way.

Come on guys, let’s do better.

Does your daughter know what she is truly worth?


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I have been married to Sharon for 35 years. We have two kids, Brittany (31) and Trevor (26) I am the Executive Director for Saving Innocence. I have a passion for my family and have learned a few things along the way.

9 responses to My Achy Breaky Heart

  1. Well said, Alan. Such a sad performance. Hoping to see Miley interviewed a few years down the line with a different story! Praying for her & for all our girls.

  2. Miley is to blame far more than Robin Thicke, but I agree. Where is the dad? If he’s not stopping this, he is pretty much encouraging this stuff. I’m no prude, but as a dad, this stuff frightens me. Hopefully this kid wakes up.

    • Greg, there is plenty of blame to go around. As I am involved with this blog, my mind goes to the Dad. Where is he?
      So sad…. She is heading for a brick wall. I guess being a Disney child star is tougher than it looks. “They” are not doing to well as they age.
      Thanks for checking in.

  3. This article has a text from Billy Ray in it that Miley Tweeted…hardly a father.

  4. I agree it was a very sad performance. However from my perspective it was Miley who plastered herself all over Robin. If you watch closely you will notice that it is Miley who approaches him. I dont see him encourage her in anyway. His body language seems to scream uncomfortable. Im not sure her “dance” was actually planned or rehearsed. He may have been broadsided like the rest of us.

    • Well, like I said, they both have a lot of explaining to do. Miley is clearly off the rails, but I don’t think it was un rehearsed. They go over that stuff pretty meticulously. Either way, Robin was very much a part of it. Maybe some of it was a little ad lib….but I didn’t see him running away. I saw him pelvic thrusting into her back side. Both parties waaaay out of line. And really, so so sad.
      Thanks for your comments.

  5. I was horrified at this, but not just because of Miley, Billy, or the guy “dancing” with her on that stage. I’m horrified that out of the hundreds of stage hands, technicians, camera operators, sound techs, light techs, and so many others that it takes to pull off a gig like this, that NOT ONE had the gumption to stand up and say “Whoa, wait a minute… this is WRONG!”

    Our culture is circling the drain. We’re self destructing because so many, including believers, are turning away from God’s word as a guide for living in favor of hedonistic indulgences.

    • Totally agree. Wrong on so many levels. Still, I’d love to hear from Dad and hear what his thoughts are. Miley is clearly heading in a dangerous direction. Thanks for sharing.

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