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Alan Smyth —  October 28, 2012 — Leave a comment

I am incredibly blessed! I have had the grand opportunity of experiencing parenting both genders. I have had fun raising Trevor, my son, who is now 20 and I have loved having a daughter as well. Sharon and I were relatively young parents at age 25 when Brittany came along. Even though I felt out of my element and in over my head, I was totally IN as a dad. I suddenly knew love at a much deeper level and understood who God was at a deeper level. My little girl instantly entered into my lifetime circle of protection, adoration and affirmation. Doubting that it would ever actually be required, I knew that I would give my life for hers if I ever needed too.

In Mark 5, Jesus turns and looks at the hemorrhaging woman and calls her “DAUGHTER.” Embedded in this vocabulary are tones of belonging, acceptance & affirmation. In this scene, the woman is physically healed, but I believe an even deeper healing takes place. As Jesus stoops down and listens to her whole story, He gives her a sense of self- worth and inner healing. Sadly, many girls do not have fathers who will listen to them and affirm that they do belong and are accepted and many are struggling in profound ways because of it.

Today’s take a way: In Mark 5, Jesus stopped everything in order to listen to the sick woman’s whole story. Dads, stop what you are doing today and listen to your daughter! I mean really listen. Listen to her whole story. Listen with your heart, not just your ears. Active listening where you are asking questions as you listen. Ask open ended questions. Lean in, don’t stop until you are sure you have heard everything there is to hear. It’s not “rocket science.” Everyone can do this and it works with any age. It does wonders when someone feels heard and it will do wonders for your daughter to be heard by her dad.

I am extremely excited about this blog and the associated website because our team is determined to deliver significant perspectives, insights and resources on this topic. Our hope is to help dads be better dads as well as giving insights to anyone who is interested in better understanding the topic of what it means to be an adolescent girl growing up in this brutal culture.

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Alan Smyth

Alan Smyth

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I have been married to Sharon for 35 years. We have two kids, Brittany (31) and Trevor (26) I am the Executive Director for Saving Innocence. I have a passion for my family and have learned a few things along the way.

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