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Dr. Don Worcester —  May 30, 2014 — Leave a comment

I was with a good friend this past weekend that has begun a new season of ministry. He is living and working with a new faith community and is making some great new friends. One of his new friends is an older, wise Parrish Priest who is well known and well loved among this group of folks. In a conversation with my friend he offered three simple reminders for our life and faith journey.

. You are not God

  This is not heaven

  Don’t be an ass

I am not sure why we forget things that are so clearly and painfully obvious, but we do. So let’s try to remember.


You are not God

You do not have all the answers to why, how or what is happening. On some days you will not even have the right questions, much less the right answers. You are not all powerful, you are not all knowing, and you do not possess or express Divine love, Divine wisdom or Divine grace. You my friend are not God.


This is not Heaven

We are not yet in our heavenly home. The world we live in, love in and work in is broken and messy. Paul describes all of creation as “groaning” while it awaits the full restoration and redemption that has not yet arrived. I have done my own share of groaning. We can and should live with great hope, great expectation, and great courage. Yet let us not forget, this is not heaven.


Don’t be an Ass.

Kind is better than harsh. Humility is better than pride. “I am sorry” is better than “I told you.” Mercy is better than judgment. “Losing” for the right reason, is better than “winning” for the wrong reason. Love is better and stronger than fear. So let God love you, and remember, don’t be an ass.



Grace and Peace

Dr. Don Worcester

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