O Holy Night

Dr. Don Worcester —  December 11, 2015 — Leave a comment

“For no Word from God will ever fail.” –Gabriel


“I am the Lord’s servant, may your Word to me be fulfilled.”- Mary


“And the Word became Flesh and made his dwelling among us”- John


Mary was a teenage girl from a very small town with a short résumé and a simple life. It’s a little hard even now to believe that God’s Master Plan to bring Salvation to all of Human kind hinged on a conversation and an encounter with an inexperienced 14-year-old girl named Mary. There were many things that Mary did not know and did not bring to a role of this magnitude. She did however bring the essential qualities,

the quality that matter most to God.

Mary was able to Believe, to Receive and to Deliver.

She said yes to God’s invitation and a miracle called Christmas unfolded.

A Teenage Virgin gives birth to the Author of Life in the back of a barn

and the fate of a lost and dying world is changed forever.

Oh Holy Night!

How are you doing with Believing?

Jesus described believing as the essential work for all Believers.

All the other work we do is secondary to believing in the one whom God has sent.

We should expect to battle doubt as we do the work of believing.

Expect doubt to stock you and block you and sometimes even rock you.

We are going in the right direction as long as we don’t make peace with unbelief.



How are you doing at Receiving? A gift of any size has to be both given and received. Mary received the fullness of the gift that God offered. Are you as ready to receive what God is bringing to your life? Are you able to pray as simply and boldly and clearly as Mary? “May your word to me be fulfilled.”?



How has your delivery been? What kind of attitude have you been delivering during this Holiday Season? What values and priorities are you modeling and presenting on the Home Front. There is usually some measure of labor before a successful delivery. Keep breathing, keep focused and keep going.



Let’s bring the essential qualities to our homes and to our Christmas Celebrations. There will be plenty of distractions, don’t be distracted by the distractions.



Mary was a good model.

She believed the Word that cannot, will not and does not fail.

She received and carried the very Good News of God’s gift to all people

And she delivered that gift on Christmas Day; His name is Emmanuel, God with us, Jesus.


We have received the same invitation as Mary.

We live in the same deeply loved and deeply broken world

and it is still looking for the Peace and the Joy announced by the angels on that first Holy Night.


Make it a Mary Christmas,


Grace and Peace,

Dr. Don Worcester


Dr. Don Worcester


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