Our Goal

Our Goal

To better equip us as a powerful voice in the lives of our girls
as we meaningfully engage in their lives and surroundings


Write a meaningful blog

Maintain a helpful website at www.myfatherdaughter.com

Deliver a powerful seminar focused on fathers with daughters

Produce an insightful book entitled “Prized Possession”

Provide one-on-one coaching on parenting & marriage with Alan Smyth

Have some fun “Dad Gear” for purchase including the world famous

        “10 Rules For Dating my Daughter” T-shirt in our store.

For more information see www.myfatherdaughter.com

6 responses to Our Goal

  1. This is awesome. It’s so good to see Fathers engage and realize that we are the primary influence on the women our daughters grow to be. Treat them with respect and show them that they deserve the best and they will come to expect that in their relationships later on.

  2. Hey guys. Well, my girl is now 14 months old and it really is a gift from heaven to see her growing up in a loving household near Vienna Austria.
    But this blog helps me to prepare myself for future challanges and I wanna use all inputs I can get to help my girl becoming a great woman, self paced and happy.

    I know, this sounds like right out of a book for parents, but it really drives me to be a better father, then I`m now.
    So guys – we are the ones, who build a future for wonderful girls and we will be their rocks on bumpy roads.

    I`m sry for my bad English, but it is hard to express motivation and passion in a foreign language

    Keep up the great work, Flo

  3. I would like to get the shirt about if you date my daughter. How would I get one of those

  4. Add…being a force behind Father-con! Bringingva greater awareness of the significance of fathers in preventing vulnerabikity that leads to exploitation by traffickers and entitlement that leads to exploiting! You do the work of heaven my friend.

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