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NCAA Football: Rose Bowl-Wisconsin Media Day

      We have gone to the Rose Bowl Parade as a family for the past few years.  Such a fun way to welcome in the New Year and a fun tradition for our Southern California family! This year my parents and brother and his family joined us for a cold, but clear morning.  However, we did something this year we have never done before in the past – we got tickets to the Rose Bowl game to complete the experience!  

All in all it ended up an amazing day and so much fun but the game started out a little rocky and with some lessons for my young son on RESPECT for others.   We couldn’t all get seats together so we split up at the gate and went our separate ways.  It was packed and as we finally got to our seats there was someone in them.    A group of 3-4 drunk, rowdy college students who were not willing to move. The one with the biggest, foulest mouth happened to be the one closest to us and not about to move to accomodate me, my young son, and my parents. 

We did our best to be nice as we tried joking with him and his friends, we tried to ignore him, and my dad asked him countless times to please watch his mouth (which was getting worse and worse as the time went on).  We ended up deciding it was best to see if we could squeeze in with my husband and kids who were sitting elsewhere or just stand somewhere.   

My 8 year old son was shocked at the lack of repspect this young man had.  It ended up being a lesson for my son about drinking too much, about how to treat others, and about respect in general.   A lesson that I think I need to be teaching my kids more and more.   Sadly, respect is a character trait that seems to be harder and harder to find and not taught like it used to be.

Alan shared some thoughts on Monday (go to www.myfatherdaughter.com to see all previous blog posts)  from post teenage girls who have “made it” and credit their dads for having a huge inpact on who they are.   One of the things that real girls (who turned out great) said more than anything else was “My Dad loved and respected my mom.”

      As I have also interviewed girls currently in their teenage years who are currently in “the thick of it” – I have heard the same thing.   It is incredibly important to girls how they see their dads treat others, especially their spouse.  It is no surprise that that is also one of the top three things some of the older young women said they most appreciated.    It is a big deal.  

Our young women are not seeing respect lived out in many other places.   We do not see it in music, media, in our schools, and it is becomming harder to find in young men their own age. 

Dads, your girls are yearning for models of respect.  You have a valuable lesson to live out for your girls on how they should be treated and the type of man they should be looking for.   How you live is even more important than what you say.  You have great input for your kids that they need to hear and see! 

Kristy Fox




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