Road Trips

Dr. Don Worcester —  May 6, 2016 — Leave a comment


Differences create tension.

Tension is uncomfortable.

Ignoring or erasing the differences will

Reduce the tension and restore the


This process will create greater Ease.

Ease is desirable and attainable.

If we eliminate differences

It will be Easy!


But will it be Good?

Will it be amazing and great?

Will it be ripe with life giving energy?

Probably not,

But it will be Easy and Comfortable.


So…. What if we don’t ignore, erase or eliminate the differences?

What if we decide to recognize and

Welcome the differences?

What if we saw the differences as

challenging not threatening?

What if we cared more about the 

      Capacity we could have together,                 

       than the comfort we could have 


What if we decide to live with the tension rather than eliminate it?


To live with Tension requires Intentional living.



This is harder and better living.


Our lives do not get better, richer or fuller because we eliminate differences. They get better when we Integrate differences. 


Only something more powerful and compelling than our individual differences can bind us and blend us into more than ourselves.


Personal happiness is a natural by product of a great marriage but it’s a lousy compass for daily living. The Road to ” Happily Ever After” travels through some wild and wooly terrain.


Traveling with differences means we will learn to:

Set a common direction,

Recover from disappointments,

Stay courageous and hopeful through rough seasons,

Cultivate joy and purpose in our daily routines and rhythm

Stay connected through conflict

Give fresh starts to one another in our life together.


The road to “Happily Ever After” has bumps, twists and turns.

There may be some sections with little service.

You may encounter severe weather.

The road itself may become difficult to find and follow in certain sections.

There may be encounters with locals who are hostile to your presence.

Your vehicle will likely experience some damage along the way,

you will need to make repairs and get back on the road.

Some days you will cruise along with little effort

other days you will crawl and creep forward expending all the energy you have.


Why travel such a road?….because of the destination.

Dads and husbands are invited into the Ultimate Road Trip.

Our daughters are on this journey with us.

They are learning about life and faith and love by watching us

and by being with us.

They are learning what does and doesn’t matter in their life and in their relationships.

They are learning how to give and receive love.

They are learning how to stay the course and how to put their trust in the One who calls them,

because He is trustworthy.

All of this will lead them to a great destination.



Sometimes a hard roads lead to a beautiful place.

If you do not believe in the beauty of the destination, 

you may just look for a beautiful road.

A Beautiful destination is the real reward of any good journey.

So let’s top off the tank,

roll down the windows

and turn up the music;

it’s a great day

for a Road Trip.


Grace and Peace,

Dr. Don Worcester

Dr. Don Worcester


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