Some Assembly Required

Dr. Don Worcester —  December 21, 2012 — Leave a comment

Midnight, December 24th, 2002.

I had just retrieved the Big Surprise Gift   from my neighbor’s garage. I was sitting down in front of the Christmas tree aligning this large unwrapped package to provide a perfect viewing angle for this lead off “Santa” gift. Santa gifts, per my wife’s tradition were ideally big and always unwrapped. I had no problem, not wrapping a gift.  I was wiped out from all the Holiday preparations and activities leading up to our Christmas celebration. The big surprise gift was a drivable battery powered Jeep. It featured two bucket seats, flame decals for the side doors, and a flip down Roll Bar. It was pretty dang cool. I exhaled and smiled when I thought of Jacob (age 4) and Emma (age 3) cruising around our neighborhood cul-de-sac in their sweet new ride. I was officially done preparing for Christmas. I was finished and ready to relax and celebrate. Then I saw it.  The three words that strike fear and dread into the hearts of men everywhere….” Some Assembly Required.” I groaned. I flopped back assuming the landing position of Charlie Brown after Lucy has moved the football …again.

Two weeks earlier, I was in the department store shopping for this big surprise gift. The display model that caught my attention, was completely assembled

The big beautiful color picture on the side of the box appeared completely assembled. When the cashier swiped my Visa card, I somehow allowed myself to believe that my new super cool battery powered drivable Jeep with bucket seats, flame decals and a Roll bar was completely assembled. My jeep was in fact not completely assembled. It was all there however, just not the way I had pictured it.

            I like things that are completely assembled. I like things that are done. I like things that do not require me to read instructions, follow directions, check for parts or locate my small Philips head screwdriver, which I seem to always lose.

Here is your Christmas Nugget: The best gifts in your life and mine will always require some assembly. So how about we get through the moaning, groaning, griping and quacking and get on with it. A great relationship with your daughter will require some assembly. It will also be the best gift you can give to her and yourself.  So get out some tools, check the parts, and be willing to take some good directions. There will be something more than a Santa gift waiting for us dads at Christmas. I hope you will enjoy and celebrate all that you have been given.

Merry Christmas.


Dr. Don Worcester





Dr. Don Worcester


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