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Dr. Don Worcester —  November 8, 2013 — Leave a comment

“Now pick a marker on the beach, that’s your line.” These directions

were coming to me via Randy  G. Randy is a legendary Surf Stallion in

Encinitas, California. He is the Real Deal and he had courageously

volunteered to lend his expertise for a” Dad’s Surf Weekend” in his hometown.


My former college roommates and I were “all in” on this surfing expedition. We were five middle-aged dads from Phoenix with high hopes, creaky knee’s and zero surfing experience. We told everyone who asked and many who did not that we were, “ heading to San Diego for the weekend, to do a little surfing.” We may have even used the word Epic once or twice in our conversations.


Randy’s words would stay with me all day. The “marker“ on the beach was important. It would keep me aligned with the sweet spot on the break we were trying to surf. I picked my marker, a red umbrella. All I needed to do was stay in line with my red umbrella as I paddled and flailed to get upright on my board.

There were many challenges in the water that day. Surfing is pretty

complex. It requires balance, strength, timing, flexibility and experience.

I kept drifting from my mark as I became busy and distracted by my

efforts to catch a big wave.

Drifting from our mark can be a problem in surfing and parenting. It’s

complex stuff with lots to distract us. We don’t normally feel the

current that is causing us to drift from our sweet spot. Surfers and

dads need to keep aligned with their red umbrellas. Has there been any drift in your priorities as a dad? Are your practices, schedule, and heart still in line to connect with your daughter? The currents will be there every day, plan on it.

Surfing and parenting are high-risk activities. You will probably wipe out on a fairly regular basis. Your timing will be off on some days, your balance on others. It is part of the deal. Even so, stay in the water, find your red umbrella and paddle like crazy. On some days, it might even be Epic!



Grace and Peace

Dr. Don Worcester

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