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I am grateful for my DVR. There are a few shows that I “DVR” and then watch later. It’s a good use of my time because I can buzz through commercials as well as the dribble in between the stuff I care about in the show.

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American Idol is one of the shows that I “DVR”. But, I really can’t watch every minute. I usually watch the recorded version later and skip the stuff I don’t care about…. Which is most of it. However, I do follow some of the singers and marginally root for some of them. I called Angie Miller as the winner about a month ago. We’ll see.

I just watched this week’s results show via my DVR. Amber Holcomb was sent home. The point of this blog entry is what I saw in the last 30 seconds of the show.

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The back story is that in previous weeks, the camera has focused on her dad in the audience while she has been singing. In particular, the night before, they showed big alligator tears running down his cheeks as she was singing beautifully. You could see the pride in his daughter written all over his face and in his emotion. He has been present every week and he has been cheering his daughter on in her victory every week. Easy! His daughter is achieving at a high level. Easy to cheer! Easy to be present!

However, this week she lost. She was sent home and heartbroken. As she sang for the final time after learning of her demise, the camera panned the other contestants who won. They all had the obligatory tears as they were preparing to say Good bye to their friend. Or perhaps, they were just overjoyed that they didn’t lose.

The last 20 seconds of the telecast are what prompted me to turn on my computer and start typing. As Amber was finishing her final song, Ryan Seacrest went into the audience and brought her Dad onto the stage. They watched Amber finish her song together. When she concluded, her Dad walked out onto the stage and embraced his daughter in her emotional moment of defeat. The camera scanned the various players and the judges were crying right along with Amber, the contestants and her Dad as they embraced. It was actually quite touching.

It struck me that Amber’s Dad was very present in his daughter’s victory as well as her defeat. 

It’s easy to show up when your daughter is getting a lot of playing time or exposure in her chosen activity. But, are you present when she sits on the bench? Are you present when she is not in the spotlight?

The question I have for you today. Are you PRESENT? Period! Are you present in victory to share the celebration? Are you present in defeat to console the loss? Are you PRESENT??

Cancel something this week and be more present! It’s not that hard, but it will make a huge impact.

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