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Black Friday

Dr. Don Worcester —  November 29, 2013 — Leave a comment

Today there were millions of Americans huddled outside of shopping
malls and retail centers waiting for the doors to swing open. On the
other side was the Promise Land of retail sales,  Black Friday. The
promise of incredible bargains for the lucky and the faithful willing
to forgo sleep, risk the elements and battle the other hardcore
shoppers. For some seasoned veterans this is a Hunger Games event, and
they are in it, to win it. Some of us slept in, needing to recover from
large doses of football and turkey. I was part of that group.


Bargains are great, but they can also be costly. Oswald Chambers said,
” Everything worth having is expensive.” The real question is what is
worth having. Great relationships are no bargain. They are not suppose
to be. They are expensive by design. Jesus doesn’t talk very much
about bargains, but he does talk about treasure; ” where your treasure
is, there your heart will be.” So where is your treasure?

Here is a Thanksgiving Challenge. Do something with your daughter this
weekend that really treasures her. Spend a little bit too much time or
money or attention on her. Take her for an expensive breakfast. Spend
a whole afternoon doing something she enjoys. Buy her a gift that is
no bargain.

Your heart will always migrate to your treasure, and your heart is the
gift your daughter most wants and needs.

Let’s skip the bargains and make it a Gold Friday with our girls.

Grace and Peace,
Dr. Don Worcester

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