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I recently ran across a very powerful quote regarding “Perfectionism.” Someone else who also appreciated the quote recreated it in the middle of a traffic intersection. Below is a picture of this quote.


Our girls are growing up in a brutal culture where they are expected to be perfect. Society projects an objectifying, unattainable standard of what beauty is. Every major celebrity has a team of “photo shop” artists and no picture is released for public consumption without alterations.

Super model Cindy Crawford once said, “I wish I looked like Cindy Crawford.”

When our girls inevitably fall short of society’s standard, they feel a sense of pressure and failure. They are constantly reminded that they are not good enough and don’t measure up.

The third chapter of our book “Prized Possession” is entitled “The Assault on our Girls” and goes into much more detail on the pressures our girls are facing.

It’s ugly out there….

Let’s make sure our homes are a refuge for our girls. Let’s make sure they leave the pressure to be perfect at the door when they come home. Let’s allow mistakes and laugh at ourselves in the process. Let’s tell each other that we are “sorry.” Let’s let our girls escape from the suffocating outdoors and retreat to the relaxing indoors of our homes.

Our girls need a break. It’s exhausting out there trying to live up to everyone else’s expectations and the pressure is unavoidable.

Notice I have not used the word “Daughter” in this post. Women of any age deal with these realities. Your wives are also subject to these pressures and could probably use a reassuring word from you now and then about how beautiful she is and how happy you are to be with her.

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