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Last Monday, I shared part 1 of an amazing experience that my friend Jamie Hanson had in Africa. In case you missed last Monday’s blog, please CLICK HERE to catch yourself up!

As promised, today is part 2 and the conclusion of the incredible promise he made to his daughter. Jamie took his daughter to Africa on a work trip and eventually gave his daughter a promise ring and made a dramatic promise to go along with it while looking at a beautiful African sunset. Read on and learn from a great Dad.

From Jamie: While I loved the idea of a purity ring the more I thought about the idea
the more the burden of fathering her through these next few years (13-18) began to grow on me.   I am convinced the most important earthly relationship she will have and that will shape every part of her is with me.  So instead of making the ring about a purity decision for her (although I did tell her I would like her to make this commitment) I made the ring a promise ring. Promises that I am making to her about the kind of father I intend and promise to be to her.



You are my precious daughter and a gift from God, uniquely and wonderfully made, perfect in every way.  I am honored to be your Dad!

You are incredibly beautiful, smart, funny, soft-hearted, and gifted in so many ways.

I promise to always pray for you, protect you, to be present, in the good and bad, and love you for who you are.

As your father I promise to be an example of who a Godly man is, to lead you and our family by first listening to God.  To lead with integrity, passion, adventure, service, and being generous with all God has provided.

Emma, you are my princess and I will ALWAYS carry you in my heart, for my entire life.




Dad’s, this is a GREAT example of being intentional about loving your daughter and creating a lifelong memory that will shape her forever. Why not steal this idea and make an important promise to your daughter? Why not give her an important ring with significance? Why not take her some place dramatic and pledge your love and support to her? It will be a game changer for her.



Doing these things can ONLY BE GREAT and have a GREAT outcome.



Do this! Make it your own! Change the actual promise, change the location, change the ring. As the great NIKE advertising campaign said…. “just do it”

Thanks for sharing this with us Jamie

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