Ten Things You Won’t Find In Heaven

Dr. Don Worcester —  March 8, 2013 — Leave a comment

#1) Moving Vans

You are Home!

#2) The I.R.S.

Death and Taxes, Done and Done

#3) Washing Machines

New Heavenly Bodies, no sweat

#4) PX-90, L.A. Fitness, Zumba

See #3

#5) Orphans

No Fatherless in the Father’s House

#6) A.T.M. Machines

Pearly Gates, Streets of Gold, not much need for $40 Fast Cash

#7) Homeless Shelters, Rehab Centers, Hospitals, Cemeteries

There are many rooms in the Father’s House

The lost, the lonely, the sick and the broken are

revived, restored, redeemed and renewed in

their Father’s House

#8) Flashlights– No Darkness

I will miss my flashlights

#9) Cats, its Heaven,

Why would there be cats?

#10) Daughters without dads.


Heaven will not have everything. It would not be heaven if it did. What God created, has always been and will always be beautiful, right and good. Some of what we have created can and will be left behind as God re-establishes His rule and reign in both heaven and earth.


Jesus taught his friends and followers to pray for God’s Kingdom to come. You and I are part of helping that prayer be realized. We are not praying to get to the Kingdom: but, for the kingdom to get to us. When the Kingdom starts to get to us, there will be things we can let go of in this world. There will also be things that become our Genuine Treasure. When you and I love what the King loves, we become the answers to our own prayer. You are raising, serving and loving more than your daughter, She is a daughter of the King.


Pray for some Kingdom to come. Ask God to show you, how He sees your daughter.

Believe what he shows you, it is the truth.


Grace and Peace


Dr. don Worcester


Dr. Don Worcester


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