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Dr. Don Worcester —  January 10, 2014 — Leave a comment

“Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity” —– Voltaire


It was Saturday morning at our kitchen counter. My youngest daughter saw me pulling out the familiar blue manual from the cookbook cabinet. “ There is some good stuff in that book daddy” she said with confidence and delight. We were about to make Dad’s Special Pancakes. My two daughters’ have stood on kitchen stools with me on many Saturday mornings. I have my coffee and blue manual, they have their pajama’s and cooking aprons.

My wife has dozens of cookbooks. I have on several occasions attempted to use these resources to pull of an impressive culinary experience. The results have generally not been encouraging. I worked hard to gather the ingredients and follow the steps. My end product did not often turn out looking or tasting quite like the impressive photos featured in these cookbooks.

I was about to give up on cooking and cookbooks when I came across Dad’s Own Cook Book by Robert Sloan. There are no pictures of perfectly prepared and presented meals. There are no recipes that require exotic and hard to pronounce ingredients. There are no dishes designed to impress the experts or food critics. This is a book written by a dad, to other dads. This is a book about cooking the way dads cook. This cookbook does not have everything, but the recipes are all tasty and you don’t have to be a “Top Chef” to make great pancakes or great memories.

The best resources and relationships always meet us where we are and help us take the next step. Dads sometimes need permission to cook the way they cook and to parent the way they parent. Parenting is not centered in a program, but a relationship. The “Good Stuff ” does not come from a formula or a box. It is homemade, fresh and authentic. Doing something simple, something fun, and something unexpected is a great recipe for building connection with your daughter.


Here is the takeaway.

Do not try to do everything.

Do not compare yourself to a “Super dad”

Do not follow a program follow your heart

Do something you like to do and want to do.

Invite your daughter to be with you.

Laugh, Play, Learn, Serve…..together.

Grab your coffee and cook up some Good Stuff this week.

Peace and Grace

Dr. don worcester


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Dr. Don Worcester


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