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Dr. Don Worcester —  September 20, 2013 — Leave a comment

People tend to make lists. Sometimes a list is just practical. It helps us remember little things that we might otherwise forget.


The Shopping List: Don’t forget to pickup;

Peanut Butter, dog food, mouthwash and paper plates.

Nothing here that will really ruin your life or make your life, still your kids, your dog and your friends will appreciate you making it home with these goods.


Some lists capture the hopes and dreams we want to achieve before we leave the land of the living.

The Bucket List:

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro with my family, attend the Sundance Film Festival, and Make love to my wife at sunset on a beach in Bora-Bora. (We’re still up in the Trust Tree, right)



Some lists reflect our daily duties and responsibilities.

The To Do List: Pay the bills, Mow the yard, Check blood pressure, Attend Teacher-Parent conference, Brush, Flush and put the toilet seat down.

These lists are not generally very sexy or exciting, thus the name.

With all of the lists that we do make, there is one that we may miss and it’s a Big one.

The List we make to pray for our kids. It will help us remember to do small things that make big differences.  It is a list that captures and carries the best future and best life we can imagine for our kids. And if there is a Divine To Do List for dads,

“Pray for your Daughter today” is certainly on it.


Do you have a List of Prayers you pray for your daughter? Have you written down on paper the desires, hopes, dreams and convictions that you want to speak to God about on her behalf. My sweet wife Renee typed up our Prayer List almost twenty years ago. It has travelled with us through four homes and five refrigerators. Tonight as I write this, it is poking out through school pictures, a calendar and some Pizza coupons. This list is a little torn and stained now. It would be easy to miss it, in the clutter of every day life. It would also be a huge loss to lose track of something so important. We plan on having this list on our next five refrigerators.


Prayer List for Our Kids

That they would know that Jesus loves them

They would know that mom and dad love each other

That they would know that we love them

That they would have their own faith

That they would know and speak the Truth

That they would know their strengths and weaknesses

They would laugh

They would know how to express love

They would make and be good friends

They would know how to ask forgiveness and give forgiveness

They would know that they’re imperfect and perfectly loved by Christ

They would respect elders

They would know how to ask for help

They would love each other

They would work hard

They would be honest

They would be kind to the poor and the weak

They would find great work and great love and know that these are gifts from God


What’s on your refrigerator?


Grace and Peace,

Dr. Don Worcester

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Dr. Don Worcester


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