The Weight is Not All on You

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I have often heard the phrase “it takes a village” in reference to raising kids, but now that my kids are in their pre-teen and teenage years I have been increasingly aware of that how important that is.   I have realized what a gift it is to have other adults who treat my daughter with respect, talk to her about life, show her what a good man looks like, give her input and advice, help answer questions, echo some of what we are saying at home, and people she can go to if it’s not us.

Dads – you are enormously influential in the lives of your daughter and your voice is larger than you can imagine in their life.   But also realize that you can and should enlist others to help you in this journey.

There has been a lot of research to back up the “village” concept recently (Fuller Youth Institute has some great research in this, and a great book called Sticky Faith) which talks abut the importance of several other adults speaking into the lives of our young people.   It shows that young people who have at least 5 healthy, caring adults surrounding them in the form of relatives, coaches, youth leaders, family friends, counselors, etc have a much better chance of being healthy themselves.

It doesn’t all depend on you!   That should be a relief!  The weight is not all on you – get some help.


Who are “your 5”?   Who can you enlist to join with you in the journey of raising your daughter?  

We need female and male voices of all ages speaking truth and value to our girls in this world we live in.   What if your daughter had at least 5 adults in her life speaking things that the culture out there is not telling her?   It is not completely foolproof – but I believe the chances of our daughters surviving and thriving in the world they live in will definitely increase. 


Let’s do this!!!   Let’s start changing what our girls are hearing and rally a “village” around them. 


Thanks for engaging!


Kristy Fox

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