Top 3 things this daughter appreciates about her dad

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Alan Smyth blogs on Mondays and also is the author of the book Prized Possession about his journey of life with his daughter, his love for her, and his desire to help other dads enjoy their daughters and step into their lives in meaningful ways. A while back I had his daughter Brittany step into the conversation as a guest blogger and several people were so touched by her that they wanted to hear more from her perspective. I was moved by her answer to the following question so thought I would share it with you.


“What things do you most appreciate about your dad?”appreciate

The top three things that I appreciate about my dad are: his Godly heart, his unwavering commitment to my mom, and his consistent presence in my life. These three things have shaped me, and shown me what I am worth and what I deserve.

I appreciate my dad’s Godly heart, because it has shown me what it looks like to turn to Jesus in every situation. From a very young age, he taught my brother and I the importance of living a life that glorified God. From memorizing weekly Bible verses, to singing fun worship songs in the car on the way to school, he has helped arm me with the spiritual tools needed to navigate this crazy world.

I also appreciate his relationship with my mom. My dad has undoubtedly set the standard for my future husband. I’ve been observing my parents’ relationship for almost 25 years, and even in the moments of turmoil, I’ve never questioned my dad’s love and commitment to my mom, and in turn, have never questioned his love and commitment to our family. Because of the example he has set, I have been in real-life situations with guys where when it came time for the DTR (“define the relationship”), I’ve literally told them, “Sorry this isn’t going to work. I’ve seen the way my dad treats my mom over the last 25 years, and because of that, I know what I deserve and I know it is not unrealistic to expect.” My dad has given me a reason to set the bar high, and to never settle for anything less.

Last, but certainly not least, I appreciate my dad’s consistent presence in my life. He didn’t just come around when it was convenient for him or when it was easy. He was always there. The good, the bad, and the ugly. He was in it for the long haul, and was not afraid to get his hands dirty. Consistency is so hard to come by in this unstable world, and it was my dad’s persistent and intentional actions that showed me what unconditional love looks like.

Brittany Smyth

Amazing! Powerful words from a daughter who was loved well by her father!

Kristy Fox

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