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Are you stoppable?

Take a deep breath and a good look in the mirror before you answer that question.

I want to feel a deep, clear and resounding cry emerging from my soul that I am Unstoppable!



What emerges from my own soul is more timid and less impressive than I would like it to be.

The unpleasant and uncomfortable reality is that I have been stopped many times and in many places.

There have always been reasons, none of them very noble or satisfying.


I have been stopped because I was tired of trying and failing.


I have been stopped because I was afraid that I would fail.


I have been stopped because someone told me I could, or I told myself I could.


I have been stopped because it would be really hard or really costly to continue.


I have been stopped because I believed a lie about God, myself or someone else.


I have been stopped because I lost my courage,

Because I lost my way,

Because I lost my hope.


I have been stopped too often and by too many things.

So I am praying and asking God to help me stop, stopping.

I am asking Him for help because he was really good at not stopping.

He ended up rejected and betrayed by everyone he loved, blessed and served.

No one came to his defense when he was accused and arrested,

no one challenged the powers that condemned and crucified him,

no one stood with him or by him as he was stripped, whipped and nailed to a Cross between two condemned criminals.

No one, they were all Stopped. But none of their stopping, or my stopping, or your stopping, stopped him.

He was the one person both then and now who is truly Unstoppable!

He was the one and only person qualified to pronounce a verdict over the significance of his life and his death.

His verdict was and is true, that there is now no barrier that can now stop us

from entering freely and boldly into His Thrown room of Grace, Mercy, Power, Love and Hope.

The Unstoppable One has removed all the “Stops”.

Jesus last words may have been his most important

“It is Finished.”

The Gospel promises us a Fresh Start for every place we have been stopped.

We are dads with daughters; we need lots of Fresh Starts.


We are not done as dads and it is not over.

So lets say yes to a Fresh Start wherever we have lost momentum, connection, hope or vision.

As soon as we begin again, we are Unstoppable!


Peace and grace,

Dr. Don Worcester




Dr. Don Worcester


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