Walking and Waiting

Dr. Don Worcester —  October 9, 2015 — Leave a comment

It takes a particular kind of energy to walk,

it takes a different kind of energy to wait,

and God invites us to do both.

We cannot really follow God by just walking or by just waiting.

We have to be able and willing to do both if we are to stay in step with his leading.


This is not the first time God asked his people to walk and to wait as he leads and directs.

The Israelites followed the Glory of God through the wilderness for an entire generation. The process was very clear and very simple. When the Cloud moves the people follow, when the cloud stops the people stop.

We are always invited to travel with God. He is the one leading our journey.



He initiates a direction, purpose and a plan for our lives. We are invited to cooperate and participate in the life he reveals.

The Israelites were not wandering in the desert,

they were walking and they were waiting as God led them through the wilderness. The desert was never intended to be their final destination. It was their training ground for a bigger and better life that God was preparing for them.


Jesus also asks his disciples to get ready for a bigger life. This bigger life requires a dual capacity for walking and for waiting.

The invitation is always the same; it is shockingly clear and simple, “Follow me.” However big the wilderness and however long the journey these are the two words that compel us and constrain us as we walk and as we wait towards the bigger life ahead. The desert is a temporary preparation and not our final destination.


Some people have a strong preference for Walking. They just feel better when they are moving and the scenery is changing. The further they go the better they feel. They enjoy and expect a fast pace and a clear direction. Walking is a God given ability and every ability has a potential liability. Walkers don’t like to wait, and that is their liability. The ability to lead is always dependent on the willingness to follow and sometimes on the willingness to wait.


Some people are exceptional at Waiting. They feel most peaceful, most comfortable and most content in a waiting and reflective mode. They are Leary of excessive walking and moving about.

They are quick to recall past mistakes associated with action steps. Waiting feels more prudent and reduces the possibility of false starts and dead ends. How much better it would be if Jesus had only said, “sit with me” instead of “follow me.” Followers are invited to follow, not to lead and not to sit, but to follow the one who called them.


Good dads know that sometimes they are called to Walk.

To walk into a hard situation.


To walk after a disinterested daughter,


To walk with your wife through conflict and tension.


Good Dads also know how to Wait.



To wait for the right moment to approach and engage,

To wait for the Lord to open a door or soften a heart,

To wait for a daughter who is stuck, mad or hurt by things you did not cause and cannot fix.


So let’s get ready to walk and let’s get ready to wait.

This is a bigger life somewhere out in front of our daughters and us.

Let’s not miss it!


Grace and Peace,

Dr. Don Worcester


Dr. Don Worcester


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