Where do we (and our daughters) find our value?

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Below is an analogy I have used in various seminars with young girls, but I think holds meaning for all of us.  

Long ago, I heard an analogy about a dollar bill ( I wish  could credit someone – but I have no idea where I heard it). How much is a dollar worth?  Obviously $1 (I know some of you are dying to insert comments about economy here :).   Who assigns the dollar bill its value? The US Government/Treasury does.  Why? Because they made it, and the maker determines the value…..period.   

No matter what you do to the dollar bill—you can wad it up, step on it, fold it up, or even spit on it—it is still worth a dollar, because the maker says so. We can be mistreated, treated unkindly, disrespected, felt like we have been stepped on, wadded up, or even thrown away…but our value never changes in the eyes of our Maker. We are valuable, not because of what we look like, what we do, or what others may say or not say. We are valuable because GOD has declared us so!

This could be a great visual to share with your daughter some time when perhaps the world around her is causing her to doubt her sense of value and worth.  We as parents can be a voice in their ear about their true value.    So many young people get so desperate to feel worth something and feel valuable and loved that they can look to the wrong places (clothes, sports, stuff, accomplishments, relationships).  And, while I think it’s positive to encourage and affirm our kids in good stuff, that shouldn’t define them…..or us.   We should find value in ourselves and in others simply because the Creator has declared it –  and proved that He meant it!

What if we modeled for our kids that we really believe that we too are valuable because of Him—because we bear the stamp of the Creator, and not because of anything else (not our successes, our status, our reputation, our finances, our “good deeds”, etc) ?   He has declared our value, and we can be set free from feelings of worthlessness and the need to “prove ourselves”!  What is truly beautiful is His reflection in us! 

When we are confident of our own value and worth in the eyes of our Creator, we can be freed up to really love others with no baggage attached!   A lesson for our girls – and for us. 

–          Kristy Fox


PS – this is partly from a book coming out soon by Alan Smyth called Prize Possession in which there is a chapter on a seminar I have led for hundreds of teenage girls around this topic



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