Where Is Baby Jesus?

Dr. Don Worcester —  December 18, 2015 — Leave a comment

My wife really likes Nativity Scenes. Over the years she has been given

or collected eight or nine different sets.  These sets are each unique

representing different cultures and styles but they all depict the familiar characters gathered around baby Jesus on that Holy Night.




When our kids where younger they

loved getting out these Manger Scenes and setting them up around our

house. A few of the sets where more delicate and not quite as kid

friendly. These were typically placed in more secure areas, above the

reach of curious little hands. We always made sure to put one of the

sturdier sets down on the lower shelf of our bookcase, this was the

“Kid’s Nativity Scene.” I walked by this bookcase every morning as I

headed out for work.


I began noticing that the kid’s Nativity Scene was always messed up. We had

instructed our young children to look at the scene, but to be careful

when they touched it. They were so fascinated by what they saw, they

had trouble not picking up the characters and holding them. They

wanted to touch them, stare at them and play with them.


They were most fascinated by Baby Jesus and he was always missing from

the manager. Almost every day during the Christmas season I found

myself stopping at the bookshelf while trying to get out the door to

work. The question became a morning ritual, “Where is baby Jesus?”


The hunt for Baby Jesus became part of my morning routine. Once I

found him in Emma’s dollhouse having Tea with Whinny the Pooh. Another

time I found him in Jacob’s Firetruck strategically placed between

Spiderman and Yoda. Once he was between the seat cushions on the

couch, where someone had probably fallen asleep still holding him. My kids were

not just messing up the Nativity Scene, they were messing up my morning

routine and schedule.


My children were in fact helping me ask a very important question,

particularly at Christmas, ” where is baby Jesus?”  The Wise Men were

asking this question on their long and faithful journey to the Manger. The young shepherds

in Luke’s Gospel account were also looking for baby Jesus. They were

as fascinated as my young children, starring into the manger, unable

to look away from the scene before them.


I on the other hand was BUSY. I had with work to do, plans to make,

parties to attend. Christmas is often the busiest time of the year.

It’s easy to lose track of Baby Jesus with so much going on. If you want to find baby Jesus, be a Wise Man, not a Busy Man.


Be amazed with wonder like the Shepherds who ran to see and marvel at this Good News.

Not everyone finds Baby Jesus at Christmas. He often shows up in unexpected places, tucked away in the ordinary,

disguised as someone small weak or vulnerable, keep asking and looking until you find him.

Make sure your daughter knows and remembers the real Joy and the real Hope we Celebrate at Christmas.


Merry Christmas


Dr. Don Worcester


Dr. Don Worcester


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