As the Holidays are upon us, I wanted to suggest a few very practical things to do with your daughter. Typically, both you and your daughter will have a little down time coming up. Thanksgiving is this Thursday and you will likely have a long weekend. Then, Christmas vacay is right around the corner.


Here are a few suggestions to help take advantage of the extra time you will have with your daughter. Obviously depending on your daughter’s age, you will need to make adjustments.

*Take your daughter out to breakfast or lunch over the holidays. (Do it more than once)

*Sit down and watch one of your daughters TV shows WITH her. Take an interest, ask some questions.

*Sneak into your daughter’s bathroom at night and write a note on her mirror. Tell her something you are proud of her for.

*Take your daughter to a movie over vacation.

*Ask her “If you could do anything at all during your vacation, what would it be?” Then DO IT with her!

*Look at the “written resources” section of our website ( Find the section with the “Father Daughter Scriptures” and read her a new bible verse each day. Then discuss it by saying “what do you think that means?” and “What would change if we lived like we believed it was true?”

*In the “Video Resources” section of our website, show her the “Evolution” video and discuss how most of the beauty projected in the media is NOT real.

*Tell her you are going to start a new tradition called the “Father/Daughter Get away.” Discuss where the two of you are going to go on an overnight trip sometime this coming spring or summer.

This is just a start. Take any of these or make some up on your own. The important thing is that you engage with your daughter somehow, some way. The upcoming month can afford you more of an opportunity to do so.

As Nike said…. “Just Do It”

I’d love to hear about anything you did with your daughter. Share your success with us!

Have an awesome Thanksgiving Holiday with your family!

Press on

Alan Smyth


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Stop,Drop & Role

Dr. Don Worcester —  November 20, 2015 — 1 Comment

Ask any of your kids, what they should do if their clothes catch on fire. Chances are they will quote the Fire Department slogan, “Stop, Drop and Roll.” Most grade school age kids have this important safety tip pre-loaded in their young brains. It is important to know what you will do in a crisis, before the crisis. Problem solving, reflection, rational and measured responses are tough to pull up when your hair is on fire. If you catch fire without a plan, you’re likely to take off running and screaming, igniting everything around you. So for little people, and big people, it is important to have a plan before you catch fire.


It is not just clothes that can burn. Our emotions can catch fire and burn down everything around us. We often talk about anger and frustration with terms like “Hot tempered”, “ Burning mad”, “ Lost my cool”. We sometimes “Boil over”, get “Heated up” and “Red line” in the midst of a conflict or Hot topic. We all get mad at some things, sometimes. Anger is a God given emotion. It is no sin to be angry. There is however an energy in anger that can be highly productive or highly destructive. Scripture warns us to neither “Blow up” nor “Clam up” when it comes to this emotion (Ephesians 4:26). We are instead called to “Grow up” by speaking the truth in love (Ephesians 4:15).


Parenting is a high stakes venture. Good dad’s care deeply about what happens with and to their daughters. The opportunity and the responsibility of raising a daughter is both a privilege and a challenge. Along the way we will get mad and frustrated. The anger may be directed at ourselves, our daughters, their friends, some guy, a coach or any other list of characters that behave poorly around our child. So lets have a plan, before we Catch Fire.



Stop. Do not charge in when you are jacked up on Anger. You are likely to do more damage than good. Get yourself clear so you can do some good. Do you have a place to safely Vent? Do you have a person who can and will reel you in? Are you willing to get in front of God with your Anger? He is a good person to be with, when you’re really ticked.

Drop. Anger makes us big, bullet proof and aggressive. This is great if you fighting a Mountain Lion. It is less effective if you are trying to connect and resolve a curfew violation with a 15 year old. Drop to your knees before you run into battle. An angry confrontation will almost always produce defensiveness. Once your daughter becomes defensive nothing constructive or productive will happen.You are just spraying water on a grease fire.

Role. What is your role in this battle, and what message are you suppose to carry? Getting hot is easy, getting holy is critical.  Joshua found the right posture before his battle, which set him up for a huge victory (Joshua 5:13-15). In a big battle there is only One side we should be fighting for, God’s Side. Let’s do whatever it takes to get on His Side and fight the Good fight for our daughters.


Grace and Peace,

Dr. Don Worcester


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On a previous blog post entitled “10 Rules for Dating my Daughter” practically went viral. Through the magic of Social Media, there were literally people from around the world who piped in with comments. It was by far the most viewed and “shared” blog post so far in the life of this project. In fact several people even asked about a shirt with those 10 rules printed on it. So in an effort to give the Dads what they want, we have the now  famous “Rules for Dating my Daughter” T-shirt. We have set up an online store with lots of fun products. Check it out HERE.

In case you missed the “10 Rules for Dating my Daughter” post. Click HERE

It was really fun to see Dads everywhere unite around this funny little take on daughters beginning to date. I obviously struck a nerve with this topic. It is no surprise to me that Dads of daughters united around this frightening topic. As a follow up blog, I wanted to pass along another handy tool that you may want to use with your daughter’s suitor.

Application for Dating my Daughter

  1. Name_______________ DOB _________________
  2. Height _____ Weight ____ I.Q. _____ (If below 140, need not apply)
  3. Athletic Accomplishments ______________________________________
  4. Church you attend ____________________________________________
  5. In 50 words or less, explain what “DON’T TOUCH MY DAUGHTER” means.
  6. In 50 words or less, explain what “LATE” means.
  7. Complete the following:

The last place I would want to be shot is _________________

If I were to be beaten, the last bone I would want broken is ______________

The one thing I hope this application doesn’t ask is ____________________

8. What do you want to be IF you grow up?

9. Have you ever been fingerprinted?

10. Give location of any identifying birth marks or tattoos.

11. List all hard assets, liquid cash and financial liabilities.

12. (Over/Under) 25 times having seen Braveheart (If less than 5 times, need not apply!)

I hearby swear that all of the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge under penalty of death and / or dismemberment.

Signed _______________________________________

Thank you for your interest. Please allow 4-6 years for processing. You will be contacted in writing if you are approved. Please do not call, write or e-mail. Any contact during processing could cause a delay.



A & B disneyland

Ok, but seriously…. Here is a brief thought: Most of what your daughter will use to screen a potential boyfriend will be her experience of watching you with your wife. How you treat women will be how she will expect to be treated. You shouldn’t actually need a list of rules or an application if you are doing your part by showing her what a great guy looks like. She will look for someone like you!

Press On

Alan Smyth


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Don’t Screw it up!

Alan Smyth —  November 9, 2015 — 2 Comments
YouTube Preview Image

In case you could not view this video above, copy this link below into your browser:

This video has been flying around facebook lately. In case you haven’t seen it yet, take a quick look now.

I don’t know this Dad, but I love this guy!  I love any Dad who speaks honestly and directly to his daughter’s boyfriends…. Husbands. Before he communicated his final word in concise, succinct, unmistakable clarity, he acknowledged two key things.

1.      He acknowledged that he and God were partners in how his daughter turned out. Are you consulting God’s wisdom, heart and vision for your daughter? If you are relying only on your own ability and input, your daughter will be cheated out of God’s best for her life.

2.      He spoke of the great journey it has been in raising her. You will have many ups and downs in raising your kids. Developing your child into a fully functioning, flourishing adult is a marathon, not a sprint. Relax about the day to day struggles and focus on the big picture finish line.

Then came the final statement in this video which resonates with every dad in the world that has ever lived throughout all time. All of us have thought of the day when we will be giving our daughters away at the altar. Many of us have teared up during movies like “Father of the Bride” as we anticipated that moment when some other dude becomes the number 1 man in our daughter’s life. While we all hope and even pray for a great young man to come into our daughter’s life, we simultaneously dread it as well.


The Dad in this video said to his would be son in law what we all think and what we all want to say. “Don’t Screw it Up!” As if to say, “Don’t be stupid, don’t be selfish, don’t look elsewhere, be smart with money, take care of my little girl, etc etc”

Guys who are reading this blog. You have one shot at this life and one shot at raising a great daughter. It’s really not all that hard to do the right thing most of the time. You and God are partnering on an incredible project known as your daughter.

So, in the words of the Dad in this video….


Press On

Alan Smyth

PS: The picture of the Dad and bride above is Gary Parsons walking his spectucular daughter Katie down the isle. This picture as well as Gary’s input on how to be a great Dad is featured in the  book “Prized Possession.”

PSS: For lots of practical tools on how to NOT “screw it up”, search the archives of this blog. Read the past posts. There is already plenty of great input on this blog.

PSSS: Subscribe to this blog at


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Zombie Hipsters

Dr. Don Worcester —  October 30, 2015 — 2 Comments

Tomorrow is Halloween and after the sun goes down I will be walking door to door around Copper Canyon Elementary School with my eleven-year-old daughter and three of her sixth grade friends. They will all be dressed as Ballerina’s with matching Pink Tutus. I will be wearing whatever I had on when I left my office. I am going as a middle age dad.


I am expecting to see lots of Zombies tonight. Zombies are everywhere these days, they are just killing it (pun intended.) My local Starbucks Baristas where talking about their plans for Halloween this morning when I went in for my morning Venti Dark Roast. They are all going to a ” Walking Dead ” party tonight. Just imagine a whole room full of Uber Cool Zombie Hipster Baristas. I left Starbucks this morning pondering two questions, do Zombies move any faster after a few Espressos and why are Zombies so trendy and appealing to the adolescent and twenty something crowd?



What is a Zombie?


A person who got infected or sick with something that left them dead on the inside but walking on the outside.


Someone who is vacant, hungry and mobile.


Someone no longer aware of themselves or of the victims they are consuming.


Someone who wanders and gathers in groups with other Zombies


Someone who even half dead still resembles a Fully Alive person.

It is hard to kill a Zombie or to cure a Zombie. They are very numb and very hungry.



Zombie characteristics are visible everywhere in our culture. I am pretty sure there were some Zombies at the High School dance my older daughter went to last week. A large group of people gathered in the dark, some of them appeared very numb on the inside but very hungry on the outside. There was a fair amount of groping and grabbing within the mob of students while the Chaperones cruised the perimeter and attempted to keep order. Zombies are bit distracted by their appetites and the more they gather the hungrier they get.

It would be great if the Zombies only came out on Halloween. If being a Zombie was just about a costume and not a condition.

Zombies are popular but they are not new. Jesus talked about a condition that left people dead on the inside and hungry on the outside.

He talked about appetites and thirst that drive us and consume us

but never meet our deepest needs or connect us to one another.

He spoke to mobs of Spiritually dead people inviting the half dead to become Fully Alive.

We are His followers; His men and we are called to do His Ministry.

My daughter had fun and did a great job at the dance Friday night. She can spot a Zombie and she can handle a Zombie.

How about your daughter?

The only thing harder on a girl than a Zombie Hipster is a Zombie Dad.

Lets make sure that as fathers and men we are Fully Alive.

Our daughters deserve nothing less, let’s keep at it.


Grace and Peace

Dr. Don Worcester


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Legacy of a Good Father

kristyfox —  October 28, 2015 — Leave a comment


Sydney gave me permission to share the beautiful story I have heard her tell about her father, his love for her, and his faith that has helped shaped her life. Sydney’s dad had a long, hard battle with cancer and he went to be with the Lord not long ago.

I have heard Sydney talk  about their special times spent together, the goofy things her father did around her and her friends, dates with her dad, her knowledge that her daddy adores her, and the love that her dad has for Jesus. Sydney looked to her father Clif over the years with admiration, respect, fondness, joy, and great love.

When Sydney talks of her dad I think – I”t would be every dad’s dream to hear their daughter talk like this of them” – Sydney’s dad Clif has made an indelible imprint on her life, heart, and faith.

Clif showed his daughter how to laugh, how to fight hard for something, how to be silly, how to pursue dreams, how to be herself, how to love others, and how to have hope and believe that God is Good even when life is not. Sydney talks of her dad’s role in all of these things in her life. It reminds me that others, especially our kids, watch us closely to know what these things look like. She shares of the power of watching her father claim the Goodness of God and the hope, trust and strength that he was able to pass along to others because of his faithfulness.

A good dad can leave a big mark! A good dad can change the trajectory of the life of their kids! A good dad can show their kids and others what God the Father looks like! A good dad can help reflect the Good God we have!

Thank you Clif for being a good father! Thank you for modeling to your daughter what a good man looks like, what a good husband looks like, what following God in good times and in hard times looks like, what faith in action looks like, and what real hope and trust look like.


Kristy Fox