Know Your Row

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I have long legs and I tend to fly Southwest Airlines. Now I don’t really mind having long legs and I generally prefer flying Southwest over other carriers. There is however no real First Class Seating on these flights. So I usually go for the Early Bird Check-In to improve my options on seat selection.

Some people like to board early so they can sit in the front of the plane. They get their snacks first, they’re close to the bathroom and they are the first off the plane once it touches down. I get this strategy and the perks that come with front row seats. But, personally I am an Exit Row Guy. The leg room on the Exit Row is awesome.


Then there is a little extra attention from the Cabin Crew and a little ceremony swearing  you in as an “Emergency Exit Row Passenger.” In the event of an emergency landing, you and your fellow Exit Row Passengers are asked to confirm that you are able and willing to assist in the deployment of the planes safety equipment. Each person is required to say Yes, out loud to the Flight Attendant.

This is all part of the package when you choose this row. If you’re a dad with a daughter, you are always sitting on the Emergency Exit Row. This is your permanent assigned seat. You might have signed up for the extra legroom and missed the Swearing In Ceremony, but it happened or it should have.  A few other reminders to help you enjoy your flight:


All dads are Frequent Flyers. You will spend lots of time in the air. This is part of the package. In preparation for Take Off please turn off all Cell Phones along with other mobile devices. In case of turbulence the Captain will turn on the Seat Belt sign, please return to your seat. Swearing In is better than swearing. You will need to say “Yes” out loud to your duties and responsibilities. In preparation for landing please turn off your devices, put your Tray Tables up and return your seat to it’s full, upright and locked position.

If you are a dad with a daughter, Know Your Row and take your seat. When things get dicey and fellow passengers get agitated, confused or panicked, you are on duty. You have been Sworn In,  you said Yes out loud to your crew. You are not aloud to check out, freak out or blow out. You are an Emergency Exit Row Dad. So stretch out your legs, feast on your peanuts and sip your complimentary beverage.

You’re sitting in a First Class Seat

Grace & Peace Dr. Don Worcester

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We have been in full spring cleaning mode around our house. We are a bit late for spring, I know, but we are finally attacking the closets, the garage, and even getting around to painting my daughter’s bedroom that she has been thinking about for over a year now.


However, as we painted the walls and cleaned out bags of clothes for a garage sale, one thing remained.

You can hardly see it, but as the cleaning and painting happened – the barely visible hand-written note on my daughter’s mirrored closet door from her dad stayed put.

Hard to see isn’t it?? It’s been there for almost a year and a half.


March of 2013 I posted the following blog.

I was putting my daughter to bed the other night and looked over at her closet mirror. What I saw was too sweet not to mention as a suggestion! My husband had written a note on her mirror with a dry erase pen.


A few things crossed my mind…

  • What a great guy my husband is
  • How fortunate my daughter is
  • A mirror – what a great place to write a note! Why have I never thought of that?
  • And —- I don’t think my daughter will ever let me clean that mirror again


It may have taken him 30 seconds to write the note; however, it made a huge impact on her and I am thinking that the “note-writing vandal” will strike again (I hope).

You too can be a “note-writing vandal” and sneak into your daughter’s room with a dry erase marker and leave a note on a mirror in her room or in the bathroom she uses. You can leave a sentence, a verse, a reminder of who she is, or even just draw a silly picture. The big thing is that she will know that you care and you went out of your way to do something for her.

We all need to be reminded from time to time that there are people who love us for who we are. A girl’s mirror tells her many lies about herself – you are not pretty enough, your hair is not right, your nose is too big, your teeth are crooked, and for some girls the list goes on and on. What is your daughter’s mirror “saying” to her? What if she looked in the mirror and saw a reminder of who you think she is – who God thinks she is?


I guess I was right when I imagined my daughter not cleaning that note off of her mirror. She has since written all kinds of great quotes and verses on her mirrors which have been erased and re-written…except for the note from dad. It has been almost a year and a half and that note remains.

Hopefully that reminds us of the power of our words.  Dads – your words have staying power!


Thanks for leaning in,


Kristy Fox

On July 7, I posted THIS BLOG in response to the “Feminist Father” shirt that had recently gone around on the web. In case you missed it, please catch yourself up and read my response.

The “Feminist Father” shirt was posted again on a popular blog and hailed it as a great message. So, because I had nothing else better to do at the moment, I lobbed a few thoughts and bantered with a few people about our “10 Rules for Dating my Daughter” shirt as well as our book “Prized Possession.”

It’s safe to say that I was going against the grain with most of this particular audience. Below are a few of the excerpts.


In response to the 10 Rules shirt picture, “Brian” said this.

“You get a f***ing lawyer you A**hole”

“She isn’t your f***ing princess either, lizard brain”

“Not a joke shirt. Actually it’s pretty condescending and demanding.”

Then “Ryan” jumped in and said this to “Brian”.

“you seem like a bit of a loser. If someone like you dated my daughter I would put that person in the hospital.”

“Alyssa” jumped in and said this.

“You obviously don’t have a daughter, your shirt screams creepy, tacky and highly disrespectful to me.”

20120602FAM_SMYTH_41 copy

Then I said this.

“Alyssa – yes I have a 26 year old daughter. She thinks this is funny. She is doing fantastic out in the world. This shirt was created as a JOKE. Lots of Dads find this funny! Of course no one is endorsing actual violence or intimidation. It is HAHAHAHAHA. Thousands of Dads in 58 countries agree with me. Please read through the blog that the shirt came out of before you pass judgment.”


“Ron” jumped in and said this.

“Alan, I’ve seen your shirt before and absolutely love it. In a society that is horribly one-sided (as the above comments clearly show) Thank your for your bravery to stand up for what you believe in.”

Casey then joined in with this.

“I’ve got two daughters, I’m a mother and I agree! I like it. Especially #9. Hilarious. Not that I’ve been to jail…. Brian, get over yourself.”

So many responses to one silly shirt. So many takes on a parent’s responsibility. My hope and prayer is that we will have a society of Dad’s moving closer to their daughters and further embracing their God given responsibilities as Dad’s.

Press On


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Last week I got to attend a Benefit Concert featuring J.J. Heller. She

Is  an extremely gifted songwriter and very talented performer. She

was helping raise money and visibility for the Arizona Young Life

Capernaum Ministry. This ministry is focused on building Christ

Centered relationships with Special Needs Adolescents.


During a short intermission 50- 60 Capernaum friends where invited on stage to perform their rendition of ” How Great is Our God”

Their untrained and unrestrained voices were beautiful. Their outward disabilities where

clearly visible, but as they sang and worshipped there was a purity, a

radiance, and a joy that was released from a place in them that was

anything but disabled. Our outside abilities or disabilities may be

the least important part of connecting with others, ourself and God.

In truth we are all a combination of abilities and disabilities. The

only real difference between people is which one show and which ones

are hidden.


Who will love me for me

                           Not for what I have done

                           Or who I will become.

                           Who will love me for me

                           Cause nobody has shown me

                           What love

                           What Love

                           really means.

                                             J.J. Heller


Our daughters are looking and hoping to be loved for all of who they

are, and all of who they aren’t both inside and out.

They may be hoping that their abilities will bring them love, acceptance and affirmation.

They may be hiding or covering up their inabilities, disabilities and flaws from a concern or fear

that these limitations will disqualify them from being loved.

But past all of their hopes and fears, their abilities and vulnerabilities is a deep desire to be Fully Known and Fully Loved.

It takes amazing grace to give this gift, and a fairly large dose of grace to receive it.

Real love is usually miraculous and messy and it’s always worth it.



There is a Perfect Love that drives out all fear. It is a Love that

makes fear retreat. It is a Love that gives us courage to stand in the

open, to face the crowd around us and sing out loud and off key, ” How

Great is our God.” Let’s show our daughters today, what love really means.


Grace and Peace,

Dr. Don Worcester

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Live Life Together

kristyfox —  August 20, 2014 — Leave a comment


Ever want to just lock your daughter in the house to protect her from the world outside?

The Croods is a movie I think an awful lot of fathers might relate to. Dads are good at protecting others, especially their family. It seems to come naturally to them. Dads can even be good at protecting their children from the changing and scary world we face. The dad in The Croods is no different. He is a dad that will go to extreme ends to keep his family, and his teenage daughter safe and secure. He literally keeps his family locked up in a cave to protect them. Sound familiar? Ever have that same desire?

The Croods is a fun movie about a dad wanting to shield his teenage daughter who is a wide-eyed girl with a desire to push the limits. The dad and the daughter change individually and in their relationship as they live together in the changing and sometimes dangerous world. The bitter teenage girl and the stubborn father begin to experience a real change in their relationship. At the end of the movie they embrace in their first hug ever as Grug the dad acts selflessly to protect his family and his daughter.

Dads – you can be good protectors. Your daughters probably appreciate that in you. What Grug learned was that wasn’t enough in itself. Life is about living it with each other – not meant to be lived just hunkered down in a cave just because it is safe. Get out there and live life with your daughter. She may even come to trust you and your gift of protectiveness as she gets to see and know your heart more and more and understand that your protectiveness is because of your deep love for her.

Thank for Leaning in,

Kristy Fox


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I never met Fred Evans, but I wish I had. I recently learned of his courageous actions and now you will too!

Fred got a bad Doctors report regarding a terminal melanoma. Fred had two single daughters and wanted to give them a memory of a life time.  He had the idea that he wanted to walk them down the aisle, give them a blessing and create a memory that would outlive him. He told his daughters to meet him at the church but arrive 45 minutes apart.

Fred 2

After a few quiet moments with each daughter, he then walked them down the aisle in front of a few friends and family.

Fred 4

Upon reaching the alter, he gave them a blessing and they shared a sacred moment. He gave them away to the son in law he hadn’t yet met. Everyone there knew that Fred would not be present at his daughter’s wedding. This was a powerful moment!

Fred 3

Fred was not going to miss the momentous occasion of walking his daughters down the aisle. And we was not going to leave that void in his daughters life.

After this amazing event happened, he then surprised his wife as they renewed their vows in this makeshift wedding ceremony.

Fred 1

Not long after this incredible ceremony, Fred lost his battle. However, his loved one’s were given an incredible gift they will never forget.

If you are brave and have a couple minutes. Watch the video of this ceremony. CLICK HERE to watch this video. Don’t miss this!

Ok, let me hit the slow pitch soft ball. I’m sure if Fred were here, he would say something like this:  “Live your life as if it’s going to end soon….. Because it just might.” If you were to get a similar Doctors report as Fred’s, would you have lots of regrets? Sad, shocked and upset for sure. But would there be a ton of unfinished business with your loved ones? Would your kids know for sure how much you loved them? Every now and then we are forced to reckon with our mortality. Take a little inventory. This is one of those times. Let’s pretend you just found out you have 3 months to live. What would you do? Who would you spend time with? What would you want to say to those you love?

Ok, one more slow pitch softball…. Now go do and say those things. And let’s pray that Doctor’s report never comes. Then you are a double winner! 

Go For It!


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