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Are you stoppable?

Take a deep breath and a good look in the mirror before you answer that question.

I want to feel a deep, clear and resounding cry emerging from my soul that I am Unstoppable!



What emerges from my own soul is more timid and less impressive than I would like it to be.

The unpleasant and uncomfortable reality is that I have been stopped many times and in many places.

There have always been reasons, none of them very noble or satisfying.


I have been stopped because I was tired of trying and failing.


I have been stopped because I was afraid that I would fail.


I have been stopped because someone told me I could, or I told myself I could.


I have been stopped because it would be really hard or really costly to continue.


I have been stopped because I believed a lie about God, myself or someone else.


I have been stopped because I lost my courage,

Because I lost my way,

Because I lost my hope.


I have been stopped too often and by too many things.

So I am praying and asking God to help me stop, stopping.

I am asking Him for help because he was really good at not stopping.

He ended up rejected and betrayed by everyone he loved, blessed and served.

No one came to his defense when he was accused and arrested,

no one challenged the powers that condemned and crucified him,

no one stood with him or by him as he was stripped, whipped and nailed to a Cross between two condemned criminals.

No one, they were all Stopped. But none of their stopping, or my stopping, or your stopping, stopped him.

He was the one person both then and now who is truly Unstoppable!

He was the one and only person qualified to pronounce a verdict over the significance of his life and his death.

His verdict was and is true, that there is now no barrier that can now stop us

from entering freely and boldly into His Thrown room of Grace, Mercy, Power, Love and Hope.

The Unstoppable One has removed all the “Stops”.

Jesus last words may have been his most important

“It is Finished.”

The Gospel promises us a Fresh Start for every place we have been stopped.

We are dads with daughters; we need lots of Fresh Starts.


We are not done as dads and it is not over.

So lets say yes to a Fresh Start wherever we have lost momentum, connection, hope or vision.

As soon as we begin again, we are Unstoppable!


Peace and grace,

Dr. Don Worcester




If you were watching the Nature Channel and a show came on titled “Sheep Among Wolves”, it would probably carry a disclaimer for younger audiences. Sheep hanging out with wolves seem likely to have a quick and tragic end. Sheep are famously ill equipped to defend themselves against predators of any type. They tend to get a little jumpy in the Petting Zoos’ around 5 year olds. Sending sheep into the midst of wolves is just plain crazy. What’s more crazy, is that according to the Gospel of Mathew (10: 16); Jesus is the one doing the sending.

It does not seem loving or wise to lead lambs into harms way. Wolves are ravenous and sheep are slow, defenseless and taste a lot like chicken. My dad instincts in this area are fairly simple and straightforward: arm the sheep, kill the wolves and call it a day. The directions we are given in the Gospel would be impossible to receive or believe if they were not coming from a really good shepherd. He is the Great Shepherd. He knows how to protect sheep and how to handle wolves.images

As we go out among wolves, we are encouraged to be “shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.” On the surface these qualities sound pretty different. We are not told to embrace one or the other. We are instructed to be both shrewd and innocent. Read the Gospel accounts of Jesus. He was not naïve or unaware regarding men’s hearts and motives. He was cunning. He was bold. He was humble. He was innocent.

He was in the world but not of the world. Are we preparing our daughters to do the same?

To be shrewd means to be aware. It means to see all that is going on, to be wise in anticipating and navigating danger. Are we helping our daughters develop this type of discernment? Are we having honest, age appropriate discussions with our daughters about relationships, sexuality and lifestyle choices and pressures they will face?

An innocent person does not become contaminated by the world. They are strong without being hard. They are not so much protected from the world, as they are equipped for the world. Our daughters do not need to be Worldly to survive and thrive in the world. Purity is not perfection. It is a heart issue, not a performance issue. Lets encourage our daughters to know who they are and whose they are.


Lets help our daughters hear and recognize the voice of their true shepherd. He is worthy of their trust and ours. Keep following. Keep leading.


Grace & Peace,

Dr. Don Worcester

Great Article!

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This is a great article I came across not long ago. Please click on below link to read :)

Why Daughters Need Their Dads

Our Job

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As men, we have lots of jobs. Hopefully we are employed and strive to do a good job at work. Providing for our family is a big job! Creating a happy, healthy home for our kids to exist and grow is an important job. The list could go on and on. Although admittedly, it seems as though our wives are able to manage and multitask far more than we!

Recently I ran across this little blurb. I posted it on our “MyFatherDaughter.com” facebook page because I thought the message was powerful. (btw- have you “liked” our facebook and Instagram page yet to expand this conversation?) It’s a place where we post lots of pictures, this blog and other fun things.


This picture makes a very simple, yet profound statement that I couldn’t agree with more. This blog usually focusses on our roles with our daughters. But, let’s not for forget that our sons are also growing up in a brutal culture as well. They are the target of an endless assault on authentic manhood. They are given a daily dose of false manhood and asked to comply with shallow standards of selfishness.

Popular, filthy and degrading song lyrics are offering training to our boys for how they should think about and act upon our daughters. At best it is confusing out there for our kids. They are inundated with mixed messages of sexuality and poor messages of what an authentic man is.

The picture above states perfectly what your job #1 is. And it is twofold.

1. Teach your son what a real man is.

2. Teach your daughter to accept nothing less.

You might have guessed it. All of this starts with YOU.

Some questions for you to consider:

What kind of man are you? Where do you get your marching orders? Who do you emulate? What can your son or daughter learn from you regarding how you treat women? What kind of work ethic do they see in you? Do they learn selfishness from you? Do they see you bow to a higher power and a bigger picture?

Be the kind of man that you want your son to grow into and your daughter to marry!

(Hint: that is already happening, like it or not) Our book “Prized Possession” is full of resources to help you on this journey.

Press On

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So last weekend I spent three days in the Los Angeles Convention Center. Several hundred Club Volleyball Teams converged in Downtown L.A. for this Mega Tournament hosted by the Southern California Volleyball Association. Thousands of 14-year-old girls along with their friends, families and coaches flooded the Convention Center floor from early in the morning until late at night. The energy in the convention center felt a little surreal. It was a bit like being on the inside of a NASCAR track at a giant Chucky Cheese Pizza place with Taylor Swift in Concert. If you can’t imagine that, it’s O.K. I can tell you that it was very exciting, very fun and a little exhausting, in other words a perfect family adventure. We loved being there.



14-year-old girls bring a certain energy when they gather, connect and compete. This was a big event in a big facility with lots of talented teams hoping to advance and eliminate one another from the top spots. For some of our daughters, this kind of Tournament last four years and is called High School. The emotions at this tournament tended to surface with three primary flavors; Fears, Cheers and Tears.  As dads these are emotions we need to recognize, engage and support if we are going to be great fans and great fathers.



Our daughters will need to navigate and negotiate new situations, challenging circumstances and face important decisions with uncertain outcomes. Our goal should not be to eliminate all stress and strain from our daughter’s life. Our goal should be to help them find their courage and their voice in the hard and scary places they are called to walk.

Helpful Statements/Questions:

What do you need right now?

What are you telling yourself right now?

Take a moment, take a breath and find your courage, it is in you, I promise.

Can I pray for you?



Cheer often. The best fans and best dads are generous with their cheering. You do not need a Special occasion, an Epic event or a personal invitation to offer some encouragement and support. Cheer for your daughter, not just her performance.

Helpful Statements/Questions:

I really liked how you…..

How did you feel about your contribution?

Where do you want to go after the game?

I love watching you play/participate

Thanks for working hard and encouraging others



Tears do not follow a schedule; they often appear unannounced, good dads lean in when the tears come. Words are not always that important or helpful when the sadness spills out on the surface. A quiet hug is usually better than some mumbling advice. Tears on the outside are always better than tears on the inside. Stay close, listen and wait, you are doing the most important thing.

Helpful Statements/Questions:

I am so sorry

I love you so much

Thanks for letting me be with you

I am so glad to be your dad   



Let’s listen, let’s love, let’s lean in. We have front row seats to our daughter’s lives.

There is no better place to be.

Grace and Peace,

Dr. Don Worcester


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Confession time. I love a good Pie Chart. I find them visually appealing and I love how they capture and reflect important information in a concise way. Pie Charts are great for assessing proportions but limited in reflecting priorities. A Pie Chart will tell you how much of something you have, it will not tell you how important that “something” is.


As parents we need to recognize both the appeal and the limitation of viewing our lives through a Pie Chart mentality. Slicing our lives up into proportions may cause us to fixate on “balance.” Balance has become the Holy Grail of personal health and a major expectation in our role and responsibility as parents. I am not bashing the goal of leading a well-ordered life, but the quest and fixation on “achieving balance” can itself become overwhelming and counterproductive.

Pie Charts promise a better life if we could only get the proportions right.

What if our real life is not a Pie Chart?

What if our real life is a Solar System?


A Solar System does not work because it is “balanced”; it works because it is Centered.

On any given week or month there may be dozens of good opportunities, experiences or activities available to our daughters. How do we as dads and parents navigate through all the programs and possibilities? Here are a few things to consider:


  • More is not always better. Plenty of kids today are suffering from an overload of activities. They are very busy doing very good things. We all need some margin in our life, some relaxation, some recreation, some down time with no screens and no activities.
  • Schedule the most important things first. Decide what you will make time for, and then put it in your schedule. Once the real priorities are in, let everything else fill in around them.
  • A Centered life will find the right balance. Without a clear center, there can be no clear priorities. A dad without real priorities is just managing activities and spinning plates.


What is in the Center of your Solar System? Who or what do you organize and prioritize your whole life around? At the end of the day we all have some Center, some #1 Thing that ultimately defines the orbit of everything else in our world. We need to be honest as dads about what occupies that Center position. Our daughters are watching and waiting to discover what really matters, lets show them.


Grace and Peace,

Dr. Don Worcester