Here is a simple, clear and important list we can take to heart.

The words come from Paul in the 16th Chapter of his letter to the church in Corinth.

Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous;

Be strong. Do everything in love.

Be on Guard:

A Good guard is alert and aware. A Guard is watchful; they pay attention to places of vulnerability. They show up ready to do whatever they can to protect and defend those entrusted to their care. A Guard that doesn’t guard is just a guy in a uniform waiting for his shift to end.

Are you watching or just waiting in your role as a dad?



Stand Firm in the Faith:

Our faith is not in ourselves. Our faith is not in faith. Our faith is in the Faithful One. The one who called us to believe, trust and follow him. Standing firm only

Happens when we do the “work of believing in the one whom God sent”

How is that work going in your daily life?

Be Courageous:

Courage is not a lack of fear. Courage is doing the right thing in the face of fear.

As dads we are called to be Courageous. Courage does not “Back off”, “Take off” or “Go off.”

Courage squares off with whatever comes through the door.

The Courage in the heart of a Father is “Pre- Loaded.”

It is already in you as a dad. When things get dicey, you need to find

your courage and press ahead, there is no way out, only a way through.

Are you finding your Courage when it matters most?


Be Strong:

Where does strength come from? Physical strength develops as we push through resistance,

lift weights, and push the limits of our cardio capacity. Strong people have developed a commitment

and habit of doing hard things.

How are you dealing with and responding to the hard things in your life?

Do Everything in Love:

Not some things, not lots of things but do Everything in love. Love is a “doing” thing more than a “feeling” thing.

Love is something we demonstrate to our daughters. Love is what covers our daughters, it is what grounds our daughters

and it is what launches our daughters.

Is your daughter seeing your love?


Let’s keep it simple

Let’s keep it clear

This really is important!

Grace and Peace,

Dr. Don Worcester

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I love when people share about practical ways they are engaging in purposeful interactions with their daughters!

Recently my friend let me know that there was a great article on Southwest airlines (Spirit magazine) that had prompted another friend of his to move to action. The article was about a man named Alex Sheen who lost his father to cancer and has channeled his grief into a nonprofit/global social movement called “Because I Said I Would” and the power of making a commitment and sticking to it.

The article says that Sheen spent an hour trying to remember a single promise his father had failed to keep and came up empty. He said, “If you can’t think of a single thing, that’s the lesson your dad was trying to teach you.”

Sheen distributes small white cards with the words “Because I said I would” and people write something on them as their “word” and hand to someone else to be given back when completed.

In the case of my friend, the man reading this article had told his daughter that he would take her to San Francisco, but it had never happened. He found a white board at home and wrote to his daughter:

Taking you to San Francisco

Because I said I would.


I love this! It is important for your daughters to have a man in their life who is a man of their word. It is important to model that for your kids.


Jesus himself said in Matthew 5:37 “Simply let your “yes” be a “yes” and your “no”, “no”.”


No more empty promises. Let’s be people that do what we say we will do. What a great lesson for our kids.


Thank you to the many men out there who are being incredible examples to their families and making a difference.


Thanks for Leaning in,


Kristy Fox


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Today, we pause to say “Thank you” to our veterans and their families. Although as the pictures below suggest, “Thank you” only begins to cover it.

Thank you vets

Today is Memorial Day. We remember those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. Families say good bye to Mom or Dad for many months at a time as they are deployed. And tragically, many families say good bye forever.

Memorial day funeral

Today, MyFatherDaughter honors those families past, present and future. While it is woefully inadequate….. “THANK YOU” for all you do!

Here is an idea: Why not take a field trip with your kids today? Why not visit a military cemetery. Take in some quiet moments and survey the sights with your family. Observe grieving families as they remember their loved ones. Teach your kids to respect the massive efforts of those who have gone before them.

Thank you Vets!

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It’s pretty easy to get discouraged, distracted or defeated when you are managing the responsibilities of loving, leading and providing for a family.


We should pay attention to the things that hurt us and to the things that comfort us.

Things that comfort us generally have much more potential for ruining our lives than the things that hurt us.

Things that hurt us are quickly recognized and noted as dangerous. We are likely to take measures and avoid any future contact that would put us back in harms way.

Things that comfort can draw us back again and again. We may slip into a costly habit and lose track of the real price we are paying to feel better.


There is a very subtle and seductive kind of comfort that helps us feel better without actually getting better. The pain relief is real but any sense of real health, progress or healing is a mirage.

This kind of mirage reappears every time we cycle through this kind of comfort.


It is hard to deny or resist a comfort that you know works well and works quickly. We may gradually develop a relationship and habit with our agent of comfort.

When we step into the comfort we also step into a current that pulls us along.

The current is generally soothing not threatening. It requires little from us. The scenery is pleasant and the drifting is relaxing.

The progression from wanting to needing often goes unnoticed.

A person who is hurting may care more about the relief they are getting, then what they are getting into.

Hurting makes us desperate and desperate people often make bad deals that create more desperate circumstances.

This cycle can become a spiral that takes us further away from any real peace or restoration.


As Dads we need to keep track of our hurts and our hearts.

We need to find legitimate comforts for the stresses and pressures we

carry and manage. We need to be willing to ask one another and ourselves

honest and real questions about the health of our habits.

We are intended to find comfort in our relationship with God,

we are invited to come and receive freely from Him.

We are invited to come as we are. There is no hook in this kind of comfort.

Jesus comes as a Messiah not as a Mirage. The river we are invited into is River of Life, not a river of dependency and destruction.

We are delivered not destroyed as we become dependent on

the one true source of Comfort.

Some comfort is Bad Medicine. It only deadens our symptoms and does nothing to heal our soul.


A good physician does not administer Bad Medicine.

Let’s get to the Good Physician

Let’s seek his Good Medicine.

Let’s get better.

Grace and Peace

Dr. Don Worcester


I recently had a high school girl tell me how much she missed the dates that she and her dad used to go on when she was little.   Life had gotten busy and hectic and dad probably thought she wasn’t interested anymore now that she was 18 and had her own boyfriend.     Not true!

Dads – I challenge you to take time in the next month to go on a purposeful date with your daughter.  Plan something fun for the 2 of you and while you are waiting for your order have fun with some questions for each other.   You can use the lists below or come up with your own.


10 ?’s for dad to ask daughter:

1) If you could do anything in one day – what would your day look like?

2) What is one thing I should know about you that maybe I don’t?

3) What has been the best day of your life so far and why?

4) What is one thing you wish I did with you more often and why?

5) How do you think we are similar?

6) How do you think we are different?

7) What is one thing you wish I didn’t do?

8) What do you want to be when you grow up and why?

9) How can I be a better dad to you?

10)  What is your favorite movie and why?


10 Questions for daughter to ask dad:

1) When you were young what did you want to be when you grew up?

2) What was the hardest thing for you when you were my age?

3) What is your favorite movie of all time and why?

4) What is your favorite memory of growing up?

5) How were things different when you grew up?

6) What do you think is the most important thing a parent can teach a child?

7) How do you think we’re similar?

8) How do you think we’re different?

9) What made you fall in love with mom?

10)  What do you like about your job?


Have fun with these and hopefully this can be a springboard for many conversations to come :)




PS – we have a book of fun challenges like this one in a handbook called “30 Day Challenge” you can find in the store.

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Letter to David Klinkhamer from Dr. Don Worcester
David, congratulations and welcome to Man Club. I am disappointed to miss the gathering of men this weekend but I do look forward to hearing some of the war stories and highlights that happen during this time. You have a great group of men around you. You can thank your dad for that. He has been a great example of courage, grace, humility and truth to many of us! You come from good Man Stock. You have a great cloud of Man Witnesses surrounding you and cheering for you as you begin your race as a Young Man. This will be “Your” race. Sometimes you will be the student on this journey, sometimes you will be the teacher, stay the course. We are all depending and believing that you will take your place and run your race with great heart and great courage.

Let me suggest a few things to consider and keep track of along the way.

*Find and build great guy friends. The men around you are there because they voted themselves into a community of other good men. Decide now that you will do the same. Decide now that you will invest in developing great relationships with great guys. You will never regret doing this, you will always regret not doing this.

* Live in the Light. Be very careful what you hide. Things become powerful in the dark. You will make plenty of mistakes as a man. There is an endless supply of grace, mercy and fresh starts for our stumbling, fumbling and sin. Our mistakes will not kill us, hiding them will! Do not ever believe that your mistakes disqualify you from beginning again.

* A Great Wife should be a Great Friend. Girls are amazing, distracting, confusing and wonderful. Get in the habit now of building great friendships with young women. It is much better to add romance to a friendship than to try and add friendship to a romance. Learn how to do fun things with fun people and it will be much easier to meet and develop great relationships. God said at the very beginning of Genesis, ” It is not good for Man to be alone”, that is still true.

*Develop and use your Gifts. God gave you something to develop and contribute to the community. The natural gifts and abilities that God put in you, are intended to be developed and released into others. You were blessed to be a blessing. Your Vocation or calling is the , ” thing you cannot not do” Talk with other who know you well, ask them about the gifts and abilities they see in you. Invest the time, energy and resources to get better at what you love. Then get busy doing it.

* Be Patient with yourself and others. I expected to have more figured out and worked out by this point in my life as a Man. I have made plenty of little and big mistakes on my own journey. The one consistent truth in my life has never come from me, or my performance, it has only come from God. He has been faithful to love me, to come for me and to restore me when I have blown it. I hope you know and experience the stubborn and gracious love of God that has gripped my life so personally and mercifully the last 40 years. God is still at work in my life as a Man. The work is ongoing but we always get to and have to decide to cooperate and participate in the next good things Christ is leading us into.

” The two most important days in a mans life are the day he is born and the day he finds out why”
-Mark Twain-

Welcome aboard the Man Train David, your life just got bigger.

Don Worcester

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